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HD Ready

Is your preferred video producer HD ready?
Can they offer you a High Definition Blu-ray version of your event?
If they can’t, then they are behind the times!

If you have already bought a television, that is HD Ready, why not have your memories of one of the best days of your life in HD? Now you can!  Imagine Video will capture your special day in High Definition (HDV) using some of the latest cameras from Sony.

Your Bridal Film will be captured in High Definition and edited in High Definition - during this process no quality is lost. Once edited, the video is encoded and authored with as many chapters as required to a Blu-ray disc. So, what does this mean in reality for you?

The cameras used for your event acquire your footage in HDV (High Definition Video) giving a quality equal to 1440 x 1080i pixels. This resolution has a different colour depth and the detail of the picture is improved greatly over standard definition. Your Bridal Film or event will be delivered to you on standard definition DVD as standard. The players needed to playback a Blu-ray disc are becoming more affordable and there is an ever increasing choice available. During several months of researching Blu-ray and BD-R production, Imagine Video has found that the most versatile Blu-ray disc player at the moment is the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) which not only plays standard definition DVD’s but makes an excellent job of playing High Definition, Blu-ray, BD-R discs. If you already have a PS3 and a HD Ready TV and they are connected with a HDMI cable, then you have all you need to enjoy the memories of your special day in HD.

Blu-ray production relies solely upon the quality of the original recorded video - you can’t increase quality after you have captured the day’s events - this is why Imagine Video starts with capturing your Bridal Film or event in HDV.

If you have both a HD Ready TV & Blu-ray Player or PS3, and you are interested in having your Bridal Film authored to Blu-ray disc please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you have already booked with another video producer, or if you are about to, make sure they are up to date! and can offer you the experience of your event authored to Blu-ray.

Ensure that you will be able to enjoy your event in the years to come by commissioning Imagine Video to produce your Bridal Film or Event.

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Productions available in both Standard Definition (SD) DVD and High Definition Blu-ray disc format
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